Victory Innovations
Midwest Floor Restore is providing electrostatic disinfectant services for Indiana and Ohio area healthcare professionals and facility managers. We use only EPA approved chemicals with this service that creates a healthier and cleaner facility; Disinfecting your facility in the fight against Coronavirus.


Proven electrostatic technology combined with the Victory patented cordless 2X charge provides superior professional results.

The Victory Advantage - Electrostatic Diagram - Charge 1


When the unit is turned on charge starts at charging ring and works itself back down the line, through the pump and into the tank changing all ions positive.

The Victory Advantage - Electrostatic Diagram - Charge 2


All the positive Ions from the tank are pumped from the tank through the pump and charged again at the charging ring all prior to becoming atomized.

Here’s How We Are Helping
— With our electrostatic machines, we disinfect the entire facility from top to bottom, on all hard surfaces.
— Using EPA Approved Chemicals and the electrostatic disinfectant machines, we help disinfect facilities making them cleaner and safer.