VariGLAZE: Transforming Older Tile Into New Enviornments

Nov 7th, 2017 | Gabe Sachs

When Butler University reached out to us about restoring their old shower floors at one of their residence halls, we came prepared with many different options. Our initial thought was to install a single-color epoxy or partial flake epoxy system. However, these systems tend to take more time to install and the fact that the project took place at a residence hall meant that we had less down-time to complete the project. This is where VariGLAZE came into the picture.

With VariGLAZE, we were able to completely transform their old tile showers with a brand-new look and less down-time than a traditional epoxy system. VariGLAZE comes in many different color options and also tends to be more cost effective. For this project, we went with Misty Gray colored SaniMAX-C and Midnight Blue SaniCHIPS. Finally, we put on the final clear protective coating called SaniMAX, which is extremely durable and doesn’t amber like other traditional top coatings.

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