The Tough Questions about Tile

Feb 24th, 2015 | Matt Turow
Q. Why do I have issues with Tile and Grout? A. The porous nature of tile and grout surfaces makes them impossible to maintain. If you’ve often wondered how to clean tile and grout and maintain that like-new appearance, you’ve surely learned how difficult that can be. The SaniGLAZE process restores tile and grout to a … more »

Flooring Concerns?

Feb 17th, 2015 | Matt Turow
Services Offered SaniGLAZE Tile and Grout Restoration Concrete Care Polishing Staining Coating Terrazzo Care Vitrification / Crystallization Polishing Coating Carpet Cleaning Extractions Encapsulation Wax Work Stripping Coating Buffing Marble Care Polishing Epoxy Floors Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Janitorial Cleaning Joint Fill Tile Installation Before and After Pictures