Terrazzo Restoration: Protect Your Terrazzo From Wear, Absorption and Stains

Aug 4th, 2017 |

Some big things are happening at Indy Floor Restore! Earlier this summer, our crew embarked on a massive terrazzo restoration project at a local college’s residence hall in Indianapolis.  We started the project by prepping and protecting all surrounding areas. We then removed the carpet and stripped up the mastic that was covering a beautiful, but hidden terrazzo floor. After removing the carpet and mastic, our crew began working on the restoring the terrazzo floor with our progressive diamonds system.

Our first priority was grinding and grouting the floor. Honing the floor is the next step after grinding, which showed a noticeable difference after this step. The final steps included polishing the floor and vitrifying it, which is a glass-like film that holds up great to foot-traffic and protects the floor from scratches.

See the difference for yourself!


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