The Tough Questions about Tile

Feb 24th, 2015 | Matt Turow

Q. Why do I have issues with Tile and Grout?

A. The porous nature of tile and grout surfaces makes them impossible to maintain. If you’ve often wondered how to clean tile and grout and maintain that like-new appearance, you’ve surely learned how difficult that can be. The SaniGLAZE process restores tile and grout to a like-new appearance and produces a new surface integrity that is easily maintainable, long-term. We eliminate the worry of how to clean and maintain grout and tile surfaces in both commercial and residential buildings alike.

Q. How does SaniGLAZE work?

A. A SaniGLAZE application is much more than a tile and grout cleaning procedure. This revolutionary multi-step restoration process extracts embedded contamination from within the tile and grout, glazes the grout with a non-porous durable coating, and shields the entire surface from contaminants.

Q. Does the SaniGLAZE process really eliminate odors?

A. Yes. The SaniGLAZE process prevents bacteria, mold and other contaminants from penetrating the tile and grout, thus preventing odors from developing below the surface. Any superficial odors are easily controlled with regular mopping and disinfecting.

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