VA Northern Indiana Health Care System – SaniGLAZE

Jan 28th, 2015 | Matt Turow

In November 2014, Indy Floor Restore embarked on one of it’s largest ever SaniGLAZE projects at the VA Medical Northern Indiana Health Care System, located in Marion, Indiana. According to the facility has been there since the Civil War, so you can imagine that some of their tile and grout might need a little help.

The VHA is one of the largest hospital systems in the world, and making sure their patients and visitors have a clean and pleasing experience is a top priority. This is where SaniGLAZE comes into play. Instead of having to totally replace a floor we are able to restore it to “like new” conditions.

We start by doing a deep clean to the tile and grout. This removes all the contaminants that can be found in the pore structure of the floor. Next we use a non-porous glazing compound to eliminate the porosity of the grout, raise the grout lines (so that dirt can not settle in the lines) and it will give the grout lines a uniform color. The final step is coating with one of our durable and patented  floor coatings. This will lock in the clean look, give it a beautiful shine and make it impossible for dirt and bacteria to penetrate into the floor.

With Health Care Facilities being so worried about cross contamination and the spreading of harmful viruses, SaniGLAZE is an amazing solution for your tile and grout floors. Please contact us if you would like more information about any of our different flooring solutions.

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